Women Courses

Tafsir­ e ­Sorat­ un ­Nisa

Learning Tafsir ­e ­Sorat ­un ­Nisa / سورةالنساء تفسير
Course Code: WSN

Contextual and detailed Explanation of Surat­ un ­Nisa.

We designed this course specially for Muslim womens in this course we will teach the detailed the of SURAT UN NISA . In this Surat Allah told about the problems of women. And INSAHLLAH. Our TUTOR will teach you in very easy way.

Womens Taharat

Learning About Womens Taharat
Course Code: WWT

Complete guidance of Taharat about women’s.

A complete course to teach about MENSES, ISTEHAZA, PREGNANCY, LIKORIA and much more..

Women Jobs

Learning About Women Jobs
Course Code: WWJ

Complete guidance of JOBS about women’s.

Salat ­un­ Nissa

Learining Salat ­un­ Nissa / النساء صلوة
Course Code: WWW

Complete guidance of SALAT (Namaz) for Women.

Women’s role as Mother and Wife

Learining About Women’s role as Mother and Wife
Course Code: WWW

In this Course we will teach you about the responsibilities of Wife’s for their Husband and Children. And what are the responsibilities of Husband’s for their wife in the eye of Shaiy’at.