Special Courses

Bahar e Shariat Course

Learning Bahar e Shari`at
Course Code: SBS

We will be teaching selected topics of Bahar e Shari`at. Like in Aqaid we will cover Zaat o Sifat e Bari Tala, Nubuwwat o Risalat etc, and in Ahkamat e Shar’ia Amaliya Taharat, Namaz, Roza, Zakat, Tijarat, Hajj Etc will be covered. After doing this Bahar e Shari`at course the student will be able to explain and answer  many quries and solve many problems occurs in daily life related to these topics.Bahar e Shari`at course duration depends on the number of classes taken in a week.

Zeenat Course

Learning About Zeenat
Course Code: SZF

All aspects of adornments whether related to a man, woman , house, offices etc  will be discussed in this course. Like dyeing hairs with Black color, and different other colors, making tattoos on different  body parts, man and women make up,  etc.

Farz Uloom Course

Farz Uloom Course

Course Code:FUC

This course is designed for all Muslims. We teach in this course,Beliefs about Islam, about purity, about prayer, about fasting, about Zakat, about Hajj, about the principle of trade, about marriage, about the burial and funeral, and much more …….

Short Courses

Learning Short Courses
Course Code:SC

This is a short courses about:

Aqaid-E-Islam, Fiqh-E-Islam, And more then 12 Short Courses available.

Specialization Course

Learining About Fiqh, Hadees ,Aqa`id etc
Course Code: SSP

This course is being offered only for scholars who want to specialized in any specific field like hadith and fiqh..

Fatawa E ­Razaviya Course

Learning Fatawa E ­Razaviya
Course Code: SFR