Elementary Courses

Qaida Tul Quran

Learning of Arabic/ Quranic Alphabets
Course Code: EQC

We offer this course for beginners as the first step in learning Quran. This course aims to identify and pronounce Arabic Alphabets, basic rules, different symbols and connecting the letters. It’s a basic ground for understanding and reading Quran correctly.

Nazira Tul Quran

Learning how to read Quran correctly
Course Code: ENC

Hadis: “He who is skillful in reciting the Quran is with the unveiled, honorable, and pious. And he who stutters when reading the Quran, (& its recitation) is difficult upon him, will receive two rewards.” (Al-Bukhari)

In the term of Islamic study reading the Holy Quran verbally, without translation and memorization is called Nazra-tul-Quran .This course is designed to understand how to read Quran, at the end of completion of this course student will be able to read Quran easily.

40 Hadith Course

Course Code: EAC40

This course is designed as a short course to understand Farman e MUSTAFA ( صلى الله عليه وسلم) . We will teach 40 Hadiths and make you understand what MUHAMMAD ( صلى الله عليه وسلم) said and will make you memorize the 40 Hadith .

Islamiyat For Kids

Basic knowledge of Islam for children.
Course Code: EIC

A short course for Kids, in this course student will be taught basic knowledge about our Islam like, ALLAH (عزوجل) , PROPHET MUHAMMAD ( صلى الله عليه وسلم) ANMBIA (عليه السلام) , MALAIKA , JANNAT , DOZAKH etc,

Namaz & Dua

Course Code: ENDC

This course explains and teaches the method of performing Namaz including memorizing Surah. It also teaches reciting of Dua after prayer, After completion of this course student will be able to perform Salaah (Namaz) correctly 5 times a day.