Advance Courses

Hifz Ul Quran

Memorizing Quran by Heart.
Course Code: AHC

” On the day of judgment, it will be said to the man devoted to the Quran,‘Go on reciting the Quran and continue ascending the storey of paradise and recite in the slow manner you had been reciting in the worldly life. Your final abode will be where you reach at the time you recite the last ayah (verse)” (Ahmed, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood). We are offering one hour class for this course. We designed this course for those who want to memorize the holy Quran online. Student will be guided in memorizing and reciting the Quran.

Tafsir E Quran

Explanation of Quran.
Course Code: ATC-03

” All Mighty ALLAH says in Holy Quran: And indeed We have made the Qur’an easy to understand and to remember. But is there anyone who would receive admonition? ” (Qamar, verse 23)

We designed this course to teach Contextual and detailed Explanation of Quran.Our highly skilled and Qualified Islamic scholars (Muftiyan e ikaram) teach as a tutor in this course. This is 1 hour individual and Group classes.

Tarjam Tul Quran

Translation of Quran.
Course Code: ATC-02

Understand Quran by Word to Word Meanings.

Tajweed Ul Quran

Art of Quranic Recitation.
Course Code: ATC-01

Rereading Quran with accurate pronunciation and rules and regulations of Qirat.